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Day Four.



So I didn't really want to post again so soon, but I had to because this stuff is really working already! It's crazy, I've already went into my initial breakout which is hideous but I guess that means it's working? I've kept my skincare routine the same... I currently use Dior HydraLife Créme Confort Pro-Jeunesse, which is really thick, but I think I'll go back to my Créme de la Mer, which has been my go to for ages now... I need to use a lot of lotion as my skin has already dried up. My favorite chapstick is by Blistex and it is the new moisture melt that's blue with dark blue beads in it. As for body lotion? I use whatever... I'm not too dry everywhere else. Thank God. As far as side effects go? I'm starving lol.

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