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Week 12Ish




So I am still on the cortisone and it has helped alot, might not need those face injections next week! that would make me happy. I have stopped using Epiduo (it was amazing) just don't need it any more.

annddd apart from those deep bumps the rest of my face is completely free of any dots. It still looks like hell from all the pigmentation but i can say ive had no new dots for a good few weeks now horay! so my skin can finally start to heal. For the last 2 weeks I have been using rosehip oil mixed in with a sukin night moisturiser before bed (too oily for the day) and the day time sukin moisturiser in the morning under make up- if for some reason my face is extra dry Ill use the cetaphil one instead- but my dryness has gone. Its strange, I dont have dry lips any more or face or any where like im not even on accutane- soooo good.

so i go back to Melbourne for the derm appointment next Friday and hopefully they change their minds about the extra long (14 more months of tane) because that sounds like forever!

Have a good day!

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