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Month Three 20Mg



Ughh idk where to start lol. Ok i was told I have to stay on Acutane for a whole year , I'm on 20 mg right now (Im 15yrs young) but i don't think it's enough. I'm afraid that my acne will never go away completley if I don't go on a higher dose. I haven't got a chance to ask my doctor about it. Is 20mg Ok? Is one year correct? eusa_pray.gif

P.s. Does accutane get rid of acne scars and blemishes ?

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It's sounds right to me. I'm also on 20mg right now but I will be going up to 40mg next week and my dermatologist said that's as high as he will put me on. If you don't see better results at the end of the month you can ask your dermatologist to pit you on 30mg. That's what I would do bit it's bet to be at the lowest dose possible. And it might help with scarring but I won't get completely rid of them.

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