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Day 39 Of Accutane.



I got a cut on my face! I guess I scratched my face because now I have a cut on my chin. It's pretty gross looking. I got all. That yellowish puss stuff in it and its just gross. Yeah but I hate how easily my skin scratches and cuts. I have so many of them on my hands and paper cuts! So that's upsetting. Other than that my skin is dry. I still have acne obviously. I really can't wait for warmer weather! I hope it will make my skin less dry!

Do you think it's better to go on Accutane in the winter or summer? To me it's like extra dryness vs. easier sun damage. I think I would rather be on it in the summer and just wear SPF 120 all the time. I swear no amount of moisturizer will make my dry skin go away!

Also I promised myself I wouldn't wear makeup this summer.

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Definitely summer. During the week I stay indoors all day anyway, so I wouldn't be missing a whole lot, but the dryness would have been a lot easier to manage.

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