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Colon Cleanse/liver Cleanse Causing More Acne?

Liam Foster


Hello again. So i recently started a cleanse on my liver and colon, by taking a supplement of Milk Thistle for my Liver, and something called Oxy Powder, which is a strong colon cleanse. Ever since i started taking the Milk Thistle, i have broken out tremendously bad. In places where i hadn't had acne for about 2 months or so. I'm getting really anxious and apprehensive about it all, and was wondering if this was normal for when you are going through the transaction of a liver and colon cleanse. Because if my sudden massive breakouts are not being caused by these supplements, then im lost. Because i have not changed anything for 3 months now, and only now has my face started to get worse again. My chest and back are clear. It's just my forehead had broken out so bad with huge hurtful pimples, and now my cheeks and jawline are too. WHAT GIVES!?

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I'm not a doctor or anything but if you haven't changed anything in your lifestyle besides the cleansers and now your getting acne again it's gotta either be an initial breakout (fingers crossed) or your body's just not taking well to it, not sure if milk and milk thistle are the same thing but milk is definatly a huge trigger for a lot of people because of all the hormones in it. Something they give cows so they produce more milk or to produce it faster, one or the other. Either way I would definately do some serious google research, that's what I do, althought a lot of the stuff you hear about is crap if you do enough research and gather a percentage of answers usually you can make a decision on what you think is true or not. Also i'd google the oxy powder too, jus put "Does milk thistle cause acne?" or "Does oxy powder cause acne?" Good luck with everything though, from one sufferer to another. Hope this helped in some way.

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