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Day 38 Of Accutane...



I think about Acne way too much. I can't wait till its gone so I don't have to think about it.

So today I switched my daytime lotion of CeraVe to Cetaphil. I know Cetaphil is more oily looking so I had to use some translucent powder with it because I obviously don't want to look oily all day.

My skin still looks noticeably flaky underneath makeup though.

Other than that my acne is starting to clear up. And the side effects are dry skin.

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I use the cetaphil creme (which is greasy kind of yeah..), and then a thin layer of aquaphor in the places I know will flake during the day (nose, chin, corners of mouth). Then I apply MAC studio fix pressed powder with a brush.

My skin isn't oily, and it doesn't go dry. The two products work well together for me. :)

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what type of makeup do you use? the makeup i use after i apply cetaphil moisturiser and primer in like 2hours my skin looks like a flaking dragon! its crazy:(

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