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Hyperpigmentation/red Marks



Hey people i need help im so confused as what to use for my face regimen. I use cetaphil for.oily skin and wash my face twice a day i dont use any toners or mosturize my face at all i just use a skin ceuticals sunscreen. I have very sensitive skin and i try to stay away from anything harsh. Ive noticed my acne has improved a lot but my hyperpigmentation or redness is still active how do i help fade these marks away ive tried chemical peels, glycolic peels, natural remedies nothing seems to do the job! If anyone me out i would greatly appreciate it! If you need a picture to help you understand let me know i can upload one

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A picture would be helpful, but first let me ask: when you say chemical peels, do you mean up into the high percentages, say 70% or higher? And have you only tried glycolic? Just asking, cause I've spoken to people who have only ever done 30% or lower peels and only tried one type and they've gotten very little results or adverse reactions over months of usage. I've used glycolic, salicylic and lactic acid during different periods and my sensitive, scarred skin has only reacted positively to lactic acid at 85%. Also, you should never over-do it with chemical peels; your skin will need sufficient downtime between peels to heal itself, else you cause burns. I use one once weekly. Also, you may try looking into a topical sulphur treatment; kills bacteria and can help "purge" red marks quicker. And maybe try Mill Creek Aloe Vera Gel for moisturizing? It really does the job and even helps to heal skin. I hope this helps you and your pesky red marks! :)

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I say only time will heal the red marks. Because of my darker skin I don't get red marks I get dark marks. Really dark brown spots. Only time has faded them. I have really sensitive skin too and I get red blotches with odd shapes on my neck and face at times. I just ignore them since there is no cure for them. The less acne you get, the less red marks you will have. Focus on preventing breakouts and your problem will solve itself. Good lux!

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Ive only done i think 30% chemical peels and ive done a glycolic peel once too but that made my skin so much worse! But thanks for your advice both of you i will definetely try that moisturizer out sounds good! Where can i purchase one?

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