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Day Two



No change yet. Not that it should come as much of a surprise!

I'm going to start using the Simple Refreshing Cleansing Gel. I used it a couple of years ago when my skin wasn't as bad, and it didn't make it worse. In fact I think it made it better, although I was in a hot country at the time so it might have been the sun...

I'm also taking vitamin D3 from reading the forums on here. Does anyone know if this can interfere with antibiotics? I'm taking the antibiotics in the morning and the vitamin D3 in the evening with dinner.

Having read up on Co-Cyprindol (Dianette) I am feeling a little nervous about the potential side-effects, and having an initial outbreak. But my skin is so bad at the moment that I'm willing to take the risk. Hopefully taking the birth control at the same time as the antibiotics will ease any initial breakout and speed up the healing of the acne.

Might not update everyday, seeing as this 'clearing process' could take months.

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