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Day 32 – Accutane – Full Dose Time!



So yesterday I started my full dose of 70mg. I spoke to my dermatologist about how I’ve had some great effects from the lower dose and mentioned the possibility of staying on the 40mg dose if it was working. He said he’d be inclined to stick to the plan, which I was expecting. He said it was good that I’m not getting too many side effects and that’s normally a good indicator that I’m not going to suffer too much on the full dose, but when I have my review in another 4 weeks if that changes they could discuss lowering it again.

Skin is still clear, which is great. Side effects wise, nothing to report. My skin is starting to get a bit flakey as well as feeling dry, but not problematic. I am still managing to exercise (weightlifting) with no problems such as sore joints. I really hope that this continues on the higher dose as I am really getting into it at the moment and would hate to have to stop.

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