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Skin Update - Boils / Cysts And Bad Breakout On Face And Scalp [Possible Stress Related]



About a week ago [around last wednesday ~13/14 th February ] i noticed an horrendous boil/cyst type thing near my ear / sideburn area - wasn't very visible because of sideburn but large and nasty. Similar to one i got just after Xmas - around new years eve. I have gone on to have a few more similar ones on different parts of face. All in all face has been as bad as it ever has been in the past.

Around a week ago ]15/16th Feb] had terrible breakout in scalp, luckily hid by hair.

Back and chest alright - strange.

Worst breakouts i have had for ages.

Possible causes.

  • No1 Suspect - STRESS [been stressful time lately]
  • Diet: Had some "poisonous sausage/frankfurter type things that i know break me out around 2 weeks ago.
  • Been carb and cereal binging. - specifically Kellogs mini max chocolate which contains sorbitol and other shit.
  • New vitamin D tablets.
  • Been taking zinc now and then ~25mg zinc picolinate.
  • Other diet

Guts are still fucked - still farting lots when i eat salad/veg/ whole grains etc.

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get on an antibiotic like Keflex 500mg 3x a day. See a dermatologist if you are having cysts. Nothing OTC will work, I promise you. Best of luck!

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