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Day 32 Of Accutane!



My second day taking 20mg! I'm not sure if I will experience another initial breakout from this! I hoping I won't but I expect on getting one sometime this week! I'm also hoping my hair will lose some of its oiliness! I kind of feel like stopping wearing makeup so everyone can see my horrible acne and then when it's finally clear everyone will be like damn! But it's not going to happen lol.

Yeah so my skin is still the same I'm hoping this month I will see improvements!

Side effects: dry face, lips, skin. Bruising and cutting easily. Headaches when I don't drink enough water.

Also I used the Hourglass mineral veil primer mixed with some of the No. 28 and I worked super well at keeping my makeup on and fresh during the whole day! Although my face was still pretty dry so I'm going to add more of the No. 28 to it tomorrow morning!

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