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Day 19



Hey everyone, my name is Caroline and I am a 21 year old female from Los Angeles. I've been struggling with acne for somewhere around 10 years. I've been on countless topical treatments, I've used monocyclin (found out I'm allergic... not a fun experience) and hormonal birth control, spent a ton of money on those stupid zeno things we all know don't work, and have even given up make-up in hopes of clearing up my skin. None of this worked. And at the ripe age of 20, in harsh single college environment my doctor finally agreed to put me on 40 mg of accutane once a day.

Now I wish I had started this blog with day 1, but hey better late then never!

These pictures are from today, but in all honesty they are not too far off from day one.


The past 19 days have been pretty good. I had a little bit of an Initial Breakout, but it was not nearly as bad as breakouts I've had in the past. I've noticed a huge increase in white heats and pretty quick healing time all together.


-My lips are SUPER dry! At first I was using normal chapstick, but I think overall it was just making my lips more dry. I've found that aquaphor, when used in moderation is best. I've also found that the more I just leave my lips alone the better they are.

-I've had a little bit of dry/flaky skin and scalp, but it's not all that bad.

Overall, I'm super excited to start this journey and finally have clear skin. I go to the derm for a check-up next week and to get my refill for month 2, so I just hope she tells me everything is right on track.

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Good luck! I just started my second month! Everyone says the first months always the hardest! So I guess I'll find out!

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