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Day 200 (Day 20 Month 7)



DAY 200 (Day 20 Month 7)

so here i am:) 200 days down. and not clear yet. :(

this week i'm going to see the derm. again. i'lltell you what he told me.

about my face.... how you can see is soooo dry and i really don't know what to use in the evening hahha

one night i use the moisturizer and the next night again and then something for the redness but then the isotrexin gel. but then i have to use a lot of moisturizer again.

the nodule of my neck is goinggg yuhuuu and the ones of my face cannot be felt like before and i'm so happy because of this

but the redness makes my life awful hahaha :( :(

i don't know if it is from accutane or not but i forget things :\ and i cannot focus at school and i haven't problems like these before

and i'm so so bipolar haha i'm calm but then someone say something and i'm something like ^&%*^^(%&^%* i'm yelling and i get mad very quickly .

anyways i hope everything will be ok and i cannot wait to look nice again






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Hang in there. I'm also taking 20mg a day and so far the results are good for me. It's surprising because I'm a 185 pound 6'2" dude. Yours seems to just be around your cheeks, consider yourself lucky, I've got it on my chest and back too. I'm sure after you finish the course you'll be happy with the results.

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Don't give up until you've tried amoxicillin (antibiotic) and cephalexin (antibiotic) combined with topical antibiotic clindamycin and tretinoin. Wash with an antibacterial soap and steer clear of make-up. I had acne really severe and it all disappeared when I started the regimen I am on now. Good luck!

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