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Just Had One Of The Nastiest Pimples Of My Life

This is my name


Well, I figured I'd write about it here since... I don't know, I just feel like talking about the gross pimple I currently have healing on my face. It was a cyst that developed right in the crook of my brow/nose area. It just so happens this was right before I was going on a date (I took her to see Umphrey's McGee here in Columbus, if anyone is familiar with them) and so I had to go with this nasty fucking zit right near my eye. I wore my glasses in hopes that it would cover it up a bit... but it was huge.

This is going to get gross.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the amount of pus that came out of this thing. It seemed like it was ready to come to the surface and so I gently poked it with a needle. There has only been one other time that I've had a similar kind of zit, where the pus literally just poured out of it as i squeezed. I was trying to guess how much pus came out of it, because I pressed on several times where much pus came out of it, along with some blood... The swelling of this zit had been enormous, I thought it was a swollen blood vessel or something. I felt like you could literally grab it on my face because it was so large. But I made the conscious decision to drain this fucker before I showered today. It had been growing for several days and looked and felt like it wanted to surface. This pimple HURT, too. It felt like a sore on my face. But now the swelling has gone down significantly, and it doesn't hurt like it did. I hope that it'll just heal now and not come back. It was so disgusting that I kind of wanted someone else to see it. So I guess that's why I decided to write about it here... I don't usually get cysts but I have had a few really nasty ones. Besides that, however, my face is pretty much clear, I don't understand why. Hopefully it'll be clear... but that's my nasty story of this zit that I just had. It was a big one.

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