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Day 11 And... 1/2...



Hey Hey Hey!

What up everyone! So everything is going grand with the Claravis. I honestly don't have dry skin... which is really weird... haha I was kind of expecting to be like the Sahara. I'm totally good with not flaking all over, though. But, I am pretty oily so maybe by the end of month 1... then I'll be a little drier. I'm expecting that to happen.

I think I'm just getting over my beautiful, fantastic, wonderful initial breakout. It's so lovely. So my entire forehead was CRYSTAL clear then BABOOM WAMPOW... three new little whiteheads popped up. I woke up and was like "NOOOOOO" haha but they're going away now. And I also got a small one above my lip and a few on my chin that are now scabs. But, I think the Claravis is going bueno. I'm sure by the end of month 2... I'll be able to really tell.

Not much else to report on... I'm debating using a sulfur mask as a spot treatment overnight to help with drying out the random ones that pop up. Might be too much on Accutane, though. Oh decisions, decisions haha.



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