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Week 22 Need Advice!



Went to the derm last week and was informed that this is my last month! He did say that he wants to put me on Retin-A once I am finished with Accutane. Has anyone else done this? I am just tired of using powerful topicals, I think that is where I went wrong in the first place because my skin got so use to them, once I stopped using it I got horrible break outs and cysts. But I am also nervous to just quit accutane! :/ (will I ever be happy) ;)

He also said in about 6 months they will start doing some sort of laser type thing to even out my skin. There are lots of scars and dents right now. Has anyone had that treatment?


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The Retin-A should help improve scars after Accutane and I know that what in going to do when I'm done. Also I've read and talked to a lot of people who had laser done after Accutane and they said it did help with scars and dents. You have to wait a few months after Accutane to do lasers and peels because your skin is still too thin and sensitive. That's why your dermatologist will put you on Retin-A for something to help with the scars until you are able to get laser treatment.

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Hmmm, it s a tough call. If you've never been on accutane and this is your first round, you want to wait and see if your acne comes back before using any topicals. I have been on accutane going on 3 times and never did i maintain with a topical so this time around i will ask about doing that. in any event, as the above poster stated, retin a should help with marks at least until you do laser

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