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My Current Skincare Routine

Here is my current skincare routine as of January 2013. A couple of the products that I mention are prescriptions but the rest you can purchase from the drugstore or online. I really like both the Cetaphil Daily Advance Moisturizer and my Glytone Cream Cleanser. Both make a world of difference to my skin but overall everything works together to help minimize breakouts and keep my skin from being too flaky from the Retin-A. If you are trying to avoid wrinkles and keep your skin smooth then both a Retin-A and a Glycolic Acid Cleanser are a must add to your skincare routine. They will help erase sun damage, slowly fade hyper-pigmentation and help prevent or minimize existing wrinkles. If you want to know my morning and evening skincare routine then just push play above!

Tweet @Gladazzle if you have any questions!

xoxo- Ashley

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