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Not Alone.

It's hard to go anything in life alone. But when YOU are the reason for this predicament, loneliness is second to guilt.

I believed that my disfigured face was the catalyst for people writing me off; but oh, how wrong I've been. When you focus on all of the bad, the negative, the ugly in life, including the way you appear, you become consumed by those things.

You become the people that told you that you were less. You become the people that see only the shallow reflection of a person's soul marked on their face instead of in their heart. You make your loss everyone else's by taking yourself out of the equation.

Once you realize that you're not alone in your suffering, that others feel just as ugly and less than, your problems seem somewhat smaller and less difficult. None of us that suffers is alone in it. To suffer is human; beautiful in the way of building character and strength and love, but only if you choose to share the burden.

Choose to have a voice, a helping hand, and an open heart.

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