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Month 5 Recap - Day 150

Bobby Stephenson


Month 5

Duration - Jan. 10, 2012 - Feb. 08, 2013

Skin - completely clear

LDL Cholesterol - 104 (down 13 points!)

Dosage - 60mg

My cholesterol was so low this month my derm was shocked! She had to double check her charts from last month and then started writing things down! She wants me to do another blood test and come back for a follow up appointment after this month...I think she just wants more money! My skin is so clear! I enjoy meeting new people and going on dates without worrying about ANYTHING! I have so much confidence now!

When I can, I walk every morning for 1 hour rain or shine (low intensity cardio). I bet this is the reason why my cholesterol is so low. All that sunlight converting them to Vitamin D. I haven't had any sun burns either.


FYI: I don't walk in direct sunlight.

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