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Spiro, Doxycycline, And Retin-A, Day 71

I can't believe it's been over two months! My skin is still pretty dry, but I have only four (!!) "new"/active pimples, and they're all healing quite nicely (circled in red). The rest of what you're seeing is scarring from prior acne -- yeah, it's pretty bad.

I can't say what exactly is causing the healing, since I'm taking all the above as part of my lupus treatments (minus the Retin-A Micro). I'm just glad I don't have many active breakouts! I'm noticing I'm breaking out a bit more on my body -- I have a pimple on my left shoulder and one on my back -- but it's not too bad. At around day 120 I'll start to work on healing my scars in addition to prevention.

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