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Day 12 Of Accutane



Took my 12th dose of accutane today and so far things are going pretty well. Side effects so far:

  • dry lips
  • skin slightly dry around the top of my nose, side of nose and corners of eyes
  • Slight nasal bleeding when I blow my nose
  • Itchy skin. I'm not sure if this is a side effect because I normally get an itchy scalp and skin when i get stressed, I have my anatomy and physiology exam tomorrow so that could be why
  • Skin seems to bruise easily/cut easily
  • Still waking up in the morning ridiculously thirsty!
  • I had wisdom tooth pain a few months ago and my gum seems to be tender again, not sure whether i can blame accutane for that though BUT my throat is also sore...?

Overall my jaw line is looking A LOT clearer already but I am now getting pimples on my cheeks which i never got before. Skin is still oily, a few blackheads being pushed to the surface and pimples still lingering around and flaking off after 5 days or so. Red/dry marks on forehead from the breakout at the start

Hope things continue to go this smoothly and my skin is really clear soon!

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