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Antibiotics Work To Prevent Acne Pimples



I have noticed that almost everyone on this blog is afraid to or refuses to take anti-biotics. Under the care of a competent dermatologist, a course of antibiotics can provide relief for those with acne pimples and indeed cysts. A lot of people have said that antibiotics damage your balance of bacteria in your body. There is relatively simple remedy to that and its called "probiotics". Probiotics reintroduce the healthy bacteria we need for digestion and other processes (I have a law degree not a medical degree lol). Kefir (liquid yogurt), yogurt or Kombucha juice (found at natural foods stores and coops) or simply, probiotic pills. I choose to drink Kefir each morning right after I take my first dose of antibiotic. I wish you all the best and hope you can feel smooth skin under your fingertips ASAP.yinyang.gif

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