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Accutane - Day 13 - Ib Fading



So this is me where I'm at today. As you can see my 'initial breakout' has calmed as quickly as it came (praying this continues, though I expect another one in a fortnight when I up my dose). I only have a couple of 'active' ones at the moment, all the other ones are dead.

Other than that, no side effects. My skin doesn't even feel too dry today which is odd, though was a bit dry yesterday. I also don't know if it's the medication or over-analysing but I do feel quite tired despite getting a full nights sleep. Yesterday I felt like I'd been up all night. Today a bit better but I slept from about 10pm to 9am. I hope it's nothing as I am very busy with work so can't really deal with being tired all the time. Looking at the picture I do look very tired though haha.

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