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23,1,2013 Ill [~Cold] + Bad Breakout.



From last Wednesday [23rd January 2013] i starting having the symptoms of a cold, ie runny nose and i had a few bad spots/cold sorish on face.

Illness - started noticing on Wednesday - runny nose and sneezing - weird because usually every cold i have starts with a sore throat and follows this pattern.

Sore throat - sneezing - nose running - one nostril blocked - blocked sinus - sinus pain - coughing/on chest.

But this time was only ever a runny nose with sneezing - none of the other symptoms really.

Possible explanations:
  • Certain strain of the virus.
  • Just run down - overtraining etc - lack of sleep
  • Caused by colostrum somehow - ie "detox"
  • Colostrum actually reduced symptoms i normally would have had.
  • Other.

    Breakout - on 23rd noticed spot forming below lip [ cold sorish type one] red pre spot pain etc] tht i usually get when i'm run down i think. Plus pre spot pain on forehead. Spot then came on top of forehead next few days and another bad cold sorish spot below lip - larger and more noticable.

    Possible explanations:

    • Run down - overtraining etc
    • Colostrum
    • Lack of sleep - terrible circadian cycle [whatever its called]
    • Carb/cereal binges after fasting - higher sugar cereals.
    • Ate yogurt around 1 week ago - although small amount.
    • Something else.

    Other things to note -

    I am farting LOTS - as in hard core and culprits are all "healthy food" any kind of raw veg or fibrous veg eg salad, carrots, potato skins, beets, will all give me terrible farts - fuckign pain.

    Think skin was reasonable if not good on face before wednesday - seems doing more cardio and boxing with the sweating was helping but need to get the balance right. Fine line between benefits from training and overtraining leadign to being run down etc.

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