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Week 7



No news reallllllly. I think my eyes are getting a bit dry but eyedrops fix that right up, also alot of dryness around my eyes

and nose. But all good with moisturiser. I got a new night time moisturiser for the parts of my face that are clearer, still sticking with the cetaphil for the red parts, not really sure I trust the new one yet! I have totally ditched the cetaphil facewash now, it sucks big time. Also noticing that thing are taking way longer to heal then they usually would, like blisters on my feet from new shoes, still there from new years! its crazy. Annoying.

Nothing else to report!!

Like I said in previous post, I can almost cover it now with make up! fabulous.. so here is my brave photo with no sneaky eye block outs haha

have a good day!!

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