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Day 6 Of Accutane!



Hey guys! Well I'm almost at 1 week! That's super exciting for me!

Anyway my skin is still dry even though I've been moisturizing like mad. And it shows up underneath my makeup so I'm probably going to get a moisture spray that I can carry in my purse and fix my makeup during the day. I'm thinking about Mac fix + or just getting those Evian water face spray things lol idk the name. But I am getting better at doing my makeup with dry skin.

I did sleep better last night so that's good (: but today I have the worst headache! I think that my body is just dehydrated and I need to drink more water although its hard for me because we aren't allowed to carry bottles in school because people might have alcohol or drugs or something in them.... Stupid school rules so the only time I can drink is during lunch. So I drink at least one bottle of water then. So right now I'm at home drinking tons of water and tea!

And I also figured I would make my YouTube video tomorrow at the end of week one and then update one every week and then just update on here everyday!

I think that's it!

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this may be too late to say, but you could always ask the nurse for a specific note of permission to carry around a water bottle!

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