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Doxycycline, Tretinoin Cream, Clindamycin Day 23



Okay! So i'm new to this website. I bestowed upon it the days I was really depressed about my acne about 20 days ago when I started my prescription 23 days ago which is Doxycycline 100mg, taking twice daily (one in the morning one at night). I just wanted to document my journey because I've found everyone else's blogs to be useful for me so I hope to in the future pass on my findings.



Wash face with Cetaphil

-pat face dry

- put on clindamycin topical solution

Take pill at 11am

come home from school and in the evening put on the Hydrocortisone 2.5% like about 6 pm

Take pill at 11pm (I know it's kind of a late time but it's the only time I always seem to be awake, yes I take naps during the day after school)

-Wash face with cetaphil once again

-Pat dry

- wait until RIGHT before I go to sleep to put on Tretinoin cream (I've read reviews of how this stuff doesn't like the light and works best in the dark)

***Wash your dang pillow cases*** (just incase you were a noob like me)

So. Now i'm on day 23.

My first week on these medications was quite a roller coaster. When I went to my dermatologist they put my face under this weird i guess bacteria killing light so after that my skin got so much worse and i started breaking out pretty bad. But after that initial break out I have yet to have it that worse anymore so.

My second week my scars were not very visible. During the second week I realized my cystic acne was going away. Which was great!

But now in the third week i'm getting white heads like crazy. Everyday I wake up with two new ones so far. and this is where I am right now. I hope to document my journey for any other souls who have to go through the trouble of acne as well. I hope for the best, but only because I have to -__-

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