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Accutane Day 4

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Hey everyone!

Well, like a lot of you I've been suffering from acne for a long time, since I was about 12 years old. There seemed to be some years where it wasn't so bad and others where it was. Three years ago I had a bad breakout but Retin-A really cleared it and all of my dark spots up very fast. My skin never looked better. This past June I started breaking out again and I haven't stopped since. It's been much worse than it was three years ago and nothing has cleared it up this time. On January 19th I was prescribed 40mg of Claravis a day. So tonight was the 4th time I've taken the pill.

My acne is not nearly as bad as I've seen others on this board, but it is persistent and every single acne mark leaves behind a dark spot that lasts and least six months and sometimes up to a year. So even though I may not have very many active acne pimples at one time, my face looks completely broken out because of all the dark spots. My derm told me that accutane will turn over the skin and should help with dark spots too. Has anyone seen this to be the case?

So far my only side effect is that my skin is getting dry. But it is not bad at all yet and I can still wear makeup easily. I am dreading my skin starting to peel and not being able to wear makeup. My derm said my lips will get very dry. I haven't noticed that yet, but I've still been applying aquaphor constantly. I'm hoping that there won't be an initial break out, but everyone on here seems to have had one. My derm said she doesn't think a lot of people do, but that is the opposite of what I'm seeing. Another thing I have noticed is that my pimples are lasting a little longer than before. I was on Retin-A before accutane and my pimples would stop hurting after about two days and become a dark mark after about 4. I still have a pimple from 5 days ago that is hurting and two others that are still large and red.

My derm gave me some tips. What do you guys think of these tips? Do you have any tips of your own for me? She said to take a warm not hot shower for less than 10 minutes. Only use soap on my sweat glands (back of knees, armpits, elbow area, and genitals). She said using soap on the rest of my body will dry it out more. She said moisturize your body as soon as you get out of the shower. Don't overuse face moisturizer. Adding a lot of moisturizer makes the skin cells stick to your skin, when the goal is to shed them. So only use moisturizer when you must. Use sunscreen every two hours. Apply aqauphor to your lips every hour.


Routine: Cetaphil cleanser twice a day, Cerave am moisturizer in the morning, no moisturizer at night, aquaphor on my lips

Side Effects: Face is starting to get dry and longer lifespan of pimple

Pimples: 4 pimples on my right cheek, none on left cheek, a couple small ones on my forehead

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Oh, interesting post! I slather on thick moisturizer, oops. I think I will try cutting back. Or at least until my skin gets super dry, and then I will use more.

Your acne sounds very similar to mine.

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