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Red Marks, Sad Tummies, And Probiotics--Oh My!

Hey all! I don't know about you guys, but I had a lovely three day weekend, for not only did Martin Luther King become the driving force behind the civil rights movement--He also, very deservedly, had a day set aside in his honor, on which my college campus was completely closed. I know, two weeks into the semester isn't a very long time, but trust me, I needed the break. Now....*drumroll* the skin update!!

Now last week was the week before mother nature decided to beat up my uterus, so I was breaking out a little bit more, but now it's calmed down a lot. I still don't have any cysts or nodules, I have three small zits on my forehead, one on my left cheek...maybe four on my right cheek, and one little whitehead on my chin. Honestly, this week, my scars have been bothering my more than my actual acne, I get hyperpigmentation something horrible, and it makes my skin look a lot worse than it actually is, but I'm not too keen on trying scar treatments right now in case they break me out.

One more thing that's been on my mind is: antibiotics. I am on antibiotics right now, I'm taking septra twice a day, and it causes my no end of guilt. I feel like I'm destroying my digestive system because I've been on antibiotics for so long. I read online that you could take probiotics along with antibiotics and it wouldn't nullify the effects on the antibiotics, so I'm going to start doing that, but I want to start being nicer to my poor tummy. What do you guys think about antibiotics? So many people have told me to get off them, but they really make a great improvement in my acne, and right now I'm not willing to risk massively breaking out again. I just wonder if it's done permanent damage to my body...

Ah. The things we do to clear our skin, right? It's crazy. Have a good week you guys!


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my red marks right now are far worse then the actual dots. if it were just dots i would be HAPPY.

so i got some rose hip oil today- it came free with some moisturiser and it says it is good for hyperpigmentaion and acne marks- yet i am scared shitless of it making me worse. i was thinking of doing a test- and just using it on one side of my face, then ill know for sure if it does any thing.

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Can I ask what you're doing now?

Probiotics broke me out terribly, but this is also the week before my period, so I don't know. I haven't gone a menstrual cycle without breaking out like this in a long time, even ON antibiotics, and I'm on Fluconazole.

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