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Week 6



So the last week has been pretty super, I can actually almost make this shit vanish with makeup, apart from my chin, its all pretty flat- i think the epiduo has just made it reallllly red, I know this will take ages to go, but Im happy the drugs are starting to kick in and hopefully I dont get any new dots (so far so good). If I can cover it, all is good. Ive put the difference in one week on this blog, maybe to me it just looks better but i can see much more improvement, the photo actually makes it look a little worse.

got about 3 weeks until I go for my first blood work and check up- wonder what he will say.


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I've read a couple other of your entries and I've wanted to mention that it generally isn't recommended to use topicals whilst on accutane, and alot of derms recommend waiting 6 months after finishing before applying topicals/doing peels/scar lasers etc. Everybody's skin is different and tolerates things differently but maybe you should check using epiduo with your derm on your next visit.

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yeah shall do! I have only been using it as spot treatment on the really gross pussy parts (which are now totally gone) I think it has reallllly helped, but now they are gone I can probably stop. All that is left is red marks.. which are going but still look pretty bad. My skin only got dry in the fist week, not it is back to normal almost apart from around my nose (which the epiduo never went). Thanks for your help. :)

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