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Day 88 On Spironolactone



Almost at the 3 month mark. Still experiencing some ups and downs. Have a larger outbreak below my nose (weird spot!) that sucks, but in general the spiro seems to be helping in terms of the severity. Any cyst-like outbreak shrinks must faster and tends to not even come to a head. It will just be a big bump under my skin for a few days, become a little red, then slowly vanish (as long as I don't pick, which I have gotten SOO much better at!).

I started having more whiteheads and blackheads, which was frustrating since I haven't had any of those in a long long time since using tretinoin every night, so I switched to a new exfoliating wash from St. Ives that contains salicylic acid. Usually I use the regular apricot one, which is great for getting rid of the dead skin cells the tretinoin helps to turn over. Well..... that was a bad idea. I used the salicylic adic one a few times this week and my skin was not happy. I think it dried it out too much, and so it started pumping out way too much oil to compensate. Yikes. Nothing so major but definitely a step back. I stopped using it and have been making sure to moisturize really well and my skin is starting to become more balanced, less red and overall more "calm."

Lessons learned: Don't use harsh things on my skin. Period. Don't pick. Ever. And keep moisturizing.

Another thing I noticed is that my pigmentation that's left over from past breakouts seems to have gotten worse. Probably just irritated from that harsh scrub. Yuck. I'm also getting my period so I think that one breakout might be a result of that.

All in all, still feeling good, no more side effects from the spiro at all, and just looking forward to another month with fingers crossed I continue to improve. Using 100mg spiro in the morning, tretinoin 0.25% cream at night and 100mg doxy daily.

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Your regimen sounds awesome. The only thing I would change is try Amoxicillin instead of doxycyline. I switched to amoxicillin and was clear within a month. That or cephalexin. These antibiotics are much more tolerable at higher doses and hence more effective. Just a thought. (I don't mean to sound pushy)

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