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Week 18

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Pretty much same as last week, drier skin and no new acne to report surprised.gif just scars. I think it is weird how some scars take FOREVER to fade and some go away quicker. Like I had a cyst on my chin and cheek at the same time and the one on my cheek still has a dark scar and I can't even see the one on my chin anymore. weird!

I go in on Thursday to get my blood work checked again. I hope it is okay so I can stay on 80mg

Sorry super boring update...

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Hey in one of your older posts you said you had something that your derm wasn't sure was acne? Did you get that figured out? Did it go away?

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umm we didn't really figure it out but it did go away in about three weeks. Probably the worse 3 weeks of my life. I had 3 of them. He thought they might have been skin lensions from an under lying cause (an autoimmune disease) So i went to the Rheumatologist to get blood work and done and they found nothing. and by that time the "skin lesions" or w/e were gone. Very strange! I am glad they are gone but they left some NASTY scars :(

thanks for your concern :)

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