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Finally, Clear Skin! Day 124 *warning-Pics Of My Face

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Bobby Stephenson


124 days of Accutane. First day I am acne free. No actives. Nothing! Even the cysts under my chin are gone! If only there is a pill for confidence too because I really like this one girl...well that's another story. Here's my face. Don't eat before you look at them.

Look at all those red dots. I hear they will go away in 1 year? Lets hope so.

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Good for you, be proud of making it so far! If you don't have sensative skin I find lemon juice works very well for lightening scars but it can be very drying. If you want to try it mix the lemon juice with water to start and just apply it to your skin. Then eventually work up to straight lemon juice and you should see improvement in several weeks. Make sure you have a good moisturizer though!

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Wow your skin looks GREAT!!! Would you say you did anything else to help your skin clear up besides take the pill??

I did nothing different!

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