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Acne & Inflammation Fixer



Hey guys, it's me again. I'm back online to share something iv'e been trying for the past 3 weeks. It's not something chemically man made, which makes me really happy to share this, along with the fact that it has seriously helped me. This new item added to my regimen is....SEA SALT (NOT the same as table salt which has been processed & bleached & can harm your skin). SEA SALT on the contrary, is very good for your skin & attains antiseptic properties (so it kills bacteria), & dries out the moisture in the pimple without damaging your skin!

*MY TYPE OF ACNE: I started out with T-Zone acne when I was 13, but I am now almost 17 & hardly have any T-Zone acne, it has all migrated to my cheeks. My acne has also changed for superficial, to nodular over the years. Never any cysts the size of golf balls, but I have had infected areas that the acne sorta grouped together & was super bumpy texture. My skin is on the rather dry side with no over oily areas.

*My current FACEWASH: I have been using Dr. Ohhira's probiotic kampuku soap, (Japanese Ancient formula) Here is a link to where you can order this, (http://drohhiraprobi...ampuku_soap.php)

This soap doesn't further dry my skin at all, infact it moisturizes so well! I have washed with this soap up to 4 times in a day with no irritation just a clean soft feel (but it burns if gotten in eyes)

Dr. Ohhira also sells a Mogoroku skin lotion, here's a link to where you buy that one, (http://drohhiraprobi...skin_lotion.php)

This lotion has been AMAZING, and a little goes a long way. It has caused NO irritation what-so-ever & really makes my skin feel supple, soft & glow. It is a clear, smooth consistency (similar to the FEEL of Neosporin gel), but this is all natural & is a really good healing product.

**These may seem expensive but they last really long & really seem to aid in healing!!

**I have also tried & researched hawwain oils, because the hawaiians say that herbs tell your skin where healing is needed (especially when applied before bed because that is when your body heals) & I bought a package deal with skin salves in it. They contain spearmint, peppermint oil, oregano oil, royal mana oil & they are in a soft solid form.) These from my experience are very healing as well!

My regimen: I wash with the Kampuka soap for a minute & rinse with luke-warm water. I then towel pat dry my face, & put a layer of my Mogoroku lotion (or I use Ho'omanna oil skin salve from (Ho'omanaoils.com). After I have a nice layer of healing oils on my skin, I stick sea salt all to it so that it covers the acne & I sleep on a towel. If I had just popped a pimple, the salt REDUCES the swelling completely by morning & really aids in the healing of pimples.

Another way to use this method, is to put sea salt water in a spray bottle & spray desired area multiple times daily until it dries out, ( I would reccomend this for oily skin, or sever acne)

HOPE THIS HELPS biggrin.png

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