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Epiduo Sting



I have been applying Epiduo for the past 3 nights, all is good. But when i apply the moisturiser after it

its stings soooo bad and wont stop. Im just using Cetaphil.

Can any one recommend a moisturiser that doesn't sting? If I just leave it I turn in to super dry peely red face :/

I put it on about 40 minutes ago and it still hurting.. I do not like.



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Be sure you are using oil free noncomodegenic. I used epi-duo in the past. Its a great product. I would try cetaphil oil control moisturizer. Its a liitle on the higher end in terms of price. apx $18.00 per bottle at CVS, Target etc...Be sure to avoid the eyes. Its the bp that causes the stinging but stick with it. Its mind over matter in the fight against the devil.

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i tryed Epiduo twice before i got on accutane! i bought the mositerizer from here (the Regimen moisturizer) and that helped ALOT i would jst apply it on at night! so if anything i would jst buy that and use it i even used it with accutane.

if u have any questions be sure to ask :)

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my face is falling off today haha.. but the dots are going!! worth it haha, i might skip tonight as I have a wedding on sat and its impossible to cover such flakiness. thanks! :P

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I can relate! Preserve because the stinging will wear off in a couple of weeks :) Cetaphil lotion is great, as is Liz earle Oily/combo moisturizer and Neutrogena visibly clear. Good luck

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