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The Lowdown



Hello my fellow acne fighters! Well, it's the first week of the semester, and guess what I have? A knock-down, drag out cold. BLEGH. So not only am I going to four classes and working, I'm also carrying tissues around with me and my head feels like it weighs a hundred pounds. Fun times, Fun times. Alright--what you've all been waiting for...the skin update! It's been rather a up and down, ladies and gentleman, it turns out the desert essence moisturizer was another example that I should never switch up my regimen, because it broke my out on my cheeks...but oddly enough, only on my cheeks. It greatly helped the cysts on my forehead, though, which no longer exist, so I don't know what was up with that. right now the acne status looks like: 2 small pimples on forehead, around two or three active pimples on each cheek, none on my chin, and one tiny whitehead next to my mouth. Another thing I wanted to talk about today was my views on diet and acne. Now I am an inbetweener, I'm not one of those hardcore people who are like " YOU SHOULD BE EATING ONLY RAW FOOD AND GREEN STUFF BECAUSE BREAD AND PROCESSED FOOD KILL YOUR INSIDES AND MAKE YOU A TERRIBLE PERSON FOR RUINING YOUR DIGESTIVE HEALTH--" because honestly those people, though they may be right, are pretty annoying, but I'm definitely not on the side of most dermatologists I've heard which claim diet has no effect on acne, because that is just bullcrap. Diet most certainly affects your acne! What I do personally is--don't eat dairy, avoid sugar and super salty foods, eat fruits and vegetables and whole grains as much as I can, drink as much water as I can make myself (I'm a terrible drinker) and take daily vitamins. Although, I will occasionally eat things such as: pizza (cheese picked off...sad I know), cookies, donuts, and tortilla chips and salsa (omnomnom!!)--BUT...not every day, or even close to every day. My diet is generally quite healthy, and I swim around two to three times a week to keep myself in shape. I think treating yourself with respect and taking care of yourself and your health really has a positive effect on acne. What bugs me these days is how with a lot of people, the emphasis is on being skinny, not healthy. So when a really skinny girl with a high metabolism eats a ton of junk food, somehow it's funny and adorable, when in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. there's nothing cute about putting crap in your body day in and day out just because you don't happen to gain weight. Skinny people get diabetes and high cholesterol and high blood pressure and a ton of other problems too, just because their not gaining weight doesn't mean that they are healthy....okay, rant over. *breathes out slowly* So that's my opinion on diet and acne! What do you guys think? Have a great week y'all! :)

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