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Week 17

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It was a pretty good week, I got bumped up to 80mg, where I will stay until I am finished with my course. I think 2 more months left! No new zits or cysts this week just started to get dry skin on my face which is making my scars look better because they are kinda peeling off. But makeup is harder to put on :(

Also my doctor did call me and say that something in my bloodwork was high so I need to go back next week to get it checked again. If it is still high i think they will put me back to 60mg so we will see what happens. I have been so tired and lots of back pain. Also I am super forgetful lately it is crazy... but finally seeing results so I am happy surprised.gif

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about being forgetful... you feel that most of times you just cannot remember things? it happen to me too and i thought i was loosing my minds hahahaha

it is not nice at all

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i know! its like I will remember to do something, then get distracted by something else and totally forget what I was doing in the first place! I used to have myself together but not with accutane! lol

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