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My Low Dose Accutane Adventure Begins!

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Know Hope


I took the first 20 mg pill yesterday. I'm going to continue taking my saw palmetto and chasteberry tincture and hope that I can get through the next few months with no problems.

Within a couple of hours my hands felt numb and then I realized they were freezing cold. Read up on it, popped a niacin and it felt a little better.

When I tried going to bed, I felt pressure in my head and ears. It wasn't painful, but I felt off and a little panicky. I worried that I wouldn't go to sleep but I finally did.

I feel okay today, but my hands feel cold again. My skin feels nice though. Although, it was looking pretty decent before because of my herbal tincture.

Anyway, I'm thinking of easing into accutane and taking 1 20 mg every other day. It's worrisome to think what is going inside my body to cause these issues so soon especially when I read about people taking 80 mg a day and only getting chapped lips!

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