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70 Days On Accutane A Word Of Advice



Hi! Happy 2013 every one, I hope this is a better year for everyone! Okay well as I mentioned before I was still breaking out.

The first thing I choose to do to try to reduce the time frame of when I would break out and how much is I changed my daily lifestyle. I cut out fast foods, energy drinks (had to have one every day) and cut down on my smoking. I started drinking AS MUCH water as possible. And THAT did major changes immediately to my skin.

However after about 5 days or 6 of that I still continued to break out... It's nothing compared to what I used to have but it was still annoying. Then one day I saw and felt another pimple forming on my chin I had enough… I was like OMG RUBRUBRUB got a little desperate and started to put BP on it that night. The following day, it was completely gone. It never turned into a pimple or anything. I was clear on that area the next morning. Dry, but clear. . It makes sense. Your skin is thinning and putting treatment on your face like BP will easily dissolve and ultimately eliminate bacteria. So I started to put BP on the front of my face where I couldn't stop getting consistent breakouts.

First off I stopped breaking out altogether then Id say within 4 to 5 days I was clearing exceptionally well. In a week and a half I'm clear as can be. Accutane and BP are like butter and bread. Peanut butter and jelly! I think they work great together. For the majority of people while on Accutane you are still going to break out and BP really helps that ish! Or so well from my experience I've learned that.

I just want to point out some stupid mistake I made when I first started using BP. The BP I first started using was 10% dumb me didn't know about Dan saying 2.5% is only needed and that 10% only causes extra drying and peeling. Which it did, you shoulda saw me at work I looked like some freak with shedding skin!! Hahahaha Oh well it was getting rid of those stubborn pimples I didn't care much.

So if you are still suffering with the occasional pimples while on Accutane Id suggest BP.

I cannot take BP all over my face, it's too much but on my main prob areas it is bearable.

Honestly pimples have never been a big problem for me as soon as I started clearing up, it was the harsh scarring that I couldn't cover with make up that bothered me...

So, I started applying Vitamin E Oil to my face at night and it has been doing let me tell ya... wonders for my skin. =) The scarring is slowly going away.

Side effects:

Back Aches

Oh boy well my back aches have definitely got worse. It isn't anything dramatic but it aches more now.


I have these rashes all over my hands and i'm pretty sure i'm starting to get them on my neck. Lotion helps a lot with them.

Weird Pimples

I notice I get the oddest pimples. I had one on my neck, jawline, side of my hip? What? One underneath my mole ?!!? That looked funny. Ah yes and I even got one on my arm. I'm still waiting for one on my butt.


There was one day I was soooooooooooooo depressed for no damn reason. I could hardly smile and taking breaths seemed to be exhausting. I felt horrible inside that day. That is the one time I can say I think Accutane might have caused that really depressed feeling.

Loss of appetite

The combo of Cephalexin (antibiotic to help prevent IB) & Accutane made me have a complete loss of appetite. Then when I was hungry Cephalexin after eating would immediately "discharge" it. I couldn't keep anything in my stomach. I hardly ate and would eat maybe a small meal once a day. Im pretty sure I was losing much weight needed. Now that I'm slowly easing off Cephalexin I'm gaining my appetite back and my body is slowly adjusting without the antibiotic and at least it is keeping it in for a few hours.

Well everything is looking good and I'm looking forward to doing before and after pics!Woowee!!

HEY and it's my birthday! Not that any of you know me lol, but it's a cool day that only happens once a year =) Happy birthday to meee.

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Lol I just starting reading your blog and I really like it! I feel like you have such positivity and I'm seriously laughing out loud at some of the things you say! Happy Belated Birthday!!

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