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Day 122!

So I haven't updated in a while but I have been 100% acne free for like two months now and so I decided to stop taking accutane after 4 months. I have like 17 days left. I am confident in my decision as I am tired of taking this poisnonous drug and am confident my acne won't return as I will continue to be very persistent on my skin care regimen. I am tired of the back pain and the horrible dryness my skin has. Im sure my oil glands are destroyed enough. haha. I am still using the Bio Oil and am mixing it with moisturizer and everyday my skin gets smoother and the scars continue to fade. I am also now using Trader Joes Nourish face wash as it has copper peptides that help get rid of acne scars and its full of antioxidants so thats a plus too.

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I ran out and have not gone and purchased more and bio oil is like half the price for a supply that will last you FOREVER so that's why I switched.

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Sorry for the super late response. No it does not do that. I find when I add only a few drops (2-3) to my moisturizer everyday its not even a tiny bit oily. Its been several months since I started using Bio oil and have only had about 3 zits since I started. Before Accutane Id get like 20 zits per week without using Bio oil.

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