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Into The Sunshine



Hello all! Happy 2013! I can just tell it is going to be a lovely year, full of promise and all that jazz, can't you? I've been all busy, organizing my room, making resolutions, getting ready for the university semester to start up! As for a skin update... I went to the beach today with my family and my mom took some pictures of me, and it's this first time since the acne monster hit me again that I've really genuinely liked pictures of myself. My acne has settled down a LOT, and I'm really happy and excited about it smile.png I have almost no acne on my forehead, same with my left cheek, a couple on my right, like two on my jawline. And desert essence daily moisturizer with jojoba and aloe is the bomb. It brings down swelling and redness and like nobody's business. That's really all I have to report...have a good week all!

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