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January 1 (Day 21 On Claravis)



Day 21 on Isotretinoin and I'm still feeling hopeful. I haven't had any major breakouts just really small pimples here and there. It looks like my blackheads are being pushed out of my nose and chin, but I don't know if its because of the dry skin or not. My nose is annoyingly dry, Chapstick is my best friend, and I'm drinking tons of water because my throat is still raspy. I discovered I had developed a cold shortly after I started the Isotretinoin (which i was unsure if it was a cold or not in an earlier post) so I was really miserable at first. Now, it's just dry nose, lips, and throat, and my face is slightly dry around my nose and mouth. I've noticed my irritability increasing with petty things so I try to isolate myself to avoid conflict and frustration. I have also noticed my scalp is really itchy which I've never had before. I have really short hair and I'm seeing my a lot of hair falling onto my shirt throughout the day which is also new to me. I'm approaching my 30 day check up with my dermatologist and second blood draw. I'm curious to see how my body is adjusting to this medication and I'm curious to see if I'll remain on 40mg once a day or if it will be changed.

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I'm halfway through month 3 and this medication is amazing I only have 2 small pimples and that sit. When I had a face full of them I'm on 60 mg a day . Just give it time and it will work .

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