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The Required First, Awkward Blog Entry

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Don't really know how to introduce my blog, just that Im hoping it'll show my recovery from my acne.

I'll build up the courage to post some recent photos soon.



Your Acne Story

I've had Acne in some form or other since I was 14, now being 24, thats 10 years!!! Can't believe I've been suffering so long. Up till about 17 my Acne was pretty moderate, however from then on it became mildly severe. Its the same old story - tried everything. From about 23 I started to focus on eating well, excersising etc as well as actually treating my Acne. I now am fairly comfortable with my skin, going as long as 3/4 months of good skin. However it always comes back! I have microdermabrasion every 3 weeks or so which seems to keep it at bay.

As well as the Acne, I also have Depression. Been suffering with it for 6 years now, and am on medication. I think I have OCD to an extent also, not diagnosed, as I do skin pick at lot.


Morning - Olive Oil Cleansing, Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, Neturogena Norweigen Formula Day Cream

Night - Olive Oil Cleansing during shower, Neturogena Norweigen Formula Day Cream




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Thank-you for your comment, it means a lot knowing someone has taken time to read what I've written. I wish you the best on getting to where you want to be.

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yeah, i understand the struggle. Six years of severe acne here. don't give up, though. I'm finally curing mine because i decided to go 100% on finding out what was cusing.

I don't think yoƫ have OC, though. I've suffered frm severe OCD all my life. It doesn't seem like yo have it. A lot of people have issues with picking.

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