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Need Some Help/advice?

Drake 101


Hey everyone my first time posting this random blog/entry thing, but anyway I need some help on what to do. Ive had acne since grade 6 now and im now in grade 10. (almost 16). I have pretty bad cyctic acne on my chin and and always around my nose area. I always have atleast 2 cyst on my face and they really hurt. Im a good looking guy but with Shi*****t skin it hard to get a girlfriend with a pizza face. I cleanse, use Bp, and moisturize daily and that hardly helps. I wonder if you guys can tell me a product or a medication pherhaps my doctor could give me or i could ask for? does acctuane work? Im really in need to get rid of this crap skin -.-. i also drink lots of water im really fit and dont eat very badly. help

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