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Day 1

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i hope this works


Today is my first day on Accutane (well actually is a generic version called Clarus). Obviously I don't have any symptoms yet. My dermatologist has me on 40mg a day for the first month then for the rest of the course I will alternate daily between 40mg and 80mg. I am excited but very nervous about the possible side effects.

I wanted to also note that I joined in 2005! I don't think I've been active for 6 years! I was controlling my acne with the regimen but this past summer it just wouldn't work any more. My acne is not severe, I would say moderate, but the pimples I get a usually cystic (I think, they're huge and painful and multiply). I also have very oily skin and since I am 30 now and no hormonal changes are going to occur until menopause my dermatologist (despite my reservations) suggested I try Accutane. She described it as the best bang for my buck (I don't currently have any insurance). She also said it was the best thing she'd ever done, she took it when she was 25. She also said that it will basically be a cure, I will not need to do any more treatments after the course of Accutane and this was true for about 80% of her patients. That sounded pretty irresistible to me. Just prior to starting I had been on Clindoxyl for about 2 months. I had really been working, no new pimples for almost 6 or 7 weeks! She says that all the alternatives, the benzoyl peroxides, the antibiotics, even the lasers and other options will control my acne but won't cure it. She is confident this will close the acne chapter in my life. I hope she is right.

Oh PS I am getting married next year and really want to have clear skin for my big day!

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