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Week 14

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During week 14 I had two pimples come up, one on my cheek and one on my chin- and they hurt! I thought I was done with the big ones! Oh well, it is still a lot better then the beginning. I also became really impatient with these two black heads on my chin that haven't purged out yet... actually it looked like a little bit was hanging out of the pore so I picked it out. I know I shouldn't have but they were so weird and hard to get out because they seemed to be bigger underneath then the pore itself, so it seemed like they would have never come out. Anybody else experience that?! So picking those out left a scab, oops. But they are healing quick.

Still lots of scarring on my right cheek and just waiting for those pimples to go down.

overall I am pretty happy! I can definitely handle a few pimples, compared to before. rolleyes.gif

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