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Vitamin B5 - High Doses, Can It Be The Answer!?

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Liam Foster


Vitamin b5. What do we all really think of this vitamin. Is it really the miracle vitamin that a lot of people have claimed it to be? Apparently it is one of the best if not thee best supplement to combat acne. I used to take a supplement named pantothen which was high in b5 however it never really did anything...I think this was a rip off version though. I really want to start a course on pure vitamin b5 to see if it helps. But how much do you actually need to take!? I've heard some mad claims of people taking up to 20 pills a day! Which is insane! Anyone ttied this vitamin and had luck with it, feel free to comment :) Im trying to delve into all the possibilities i can think of before turning to accutane.

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