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Month 3 Recap - Day 90

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Bobby Stephenson


Month 3

Duration - Nov. 11, 2012 - Dec. 10, 2012

Skin - left side of face broke out, a couple big ones.

LDL Cholesterol - 110 (down 4 points)

Dosage - 60mg

Dosage stays at 60mg for the remainder of my course. I am doing a full 6 months even though it will be 9900mg. She seems pretty confident when she told me that so I won't question her...or maybe I will. These appointments are too quick and I don't really have that many questions. She just stares at my face, ask me the same questions she asked last month and gives me a prescription.

I got the OK to eat protein bars (20% vitamin A) and lift weights. Liver is doing better and better from 120 LDL to 116 to 110, maybe my diet is just really clean. Go broccoli! J/k I eat McDonalds all the damn time because I get too lazy to cook so I don't know what's going on. Maybe my system isn't absorbing the drug anymore.

Last month she wanted to up me to 90mg but this month she never even mentioned it. Again, I will stay at 60mg until I finish, probably because of my dry eyes. I have to use eye drops constantly and wear glasses when using the computer to avoid eye strain/fatigue. I get compliments on the glasses so I like to wear them around work but I get dizzy because they're not meant for long distance. So I only wear them around hot girls...and when I use the computer.

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i think it felt tired...or having an air bubble in your eye..I can't remember I haven't gotten any lately. Now I get dry throat if I don't have my humidifier on, yeah!

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