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Months Three, Four, Five, And Six

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Hello again,

My last day on accutane was December 6, 2012, my course was six months long. I apologize for not keeping up with this blog -- as soon as my skin cleared I stopped obsessively documenting everything and just went about my life.

I had a horrendous breakout that started the last week in June and took until the end of August to completely heal. By the middle of August my skin was essentially clear, just some stubborn marks around my chin and mouth persisted. I have not had a new breakout anywhere on my face or body since the end of the summer.

My skin is so beautiful-- accutane really worked wonders for me. I have some light scarring that is continuing to heal either side of my chin. If I wear even light makeup, you can't see the scars at all. I have been acne free for over three months. I was Snow White for Halloween, it was a celebration of my journey with accutane and a really fun night for me.

My horrendous break out was really hard to deal with, I was really self conscious and miserable. However, in hindsight it was so worth it. It is so nice not to worry about what my skin will be like for special occasions, and not to hide from cameras when I'm out with my friends. This was absolutely the right choice for me.

In terms of side effects, I got really lucky. The only thing I had to deal with was extremely dry lips, and dry skin on my face from time to time. I did not experience any scary side effects...I even benefited in that my hair didn't get greasy, I could go days without washing it and it looked and smelled clean.

Outside my breakout, the hardest part of being on accutane for me was the expense. When I started the course in May, it cost me $25 in co-pay to see my Doctor, and $12 to fill my monthly prescription at the pharmacy. However, my Mom got a different job-- and therefore different insurance-- in July. When I went to fill Month 3 it was $384!! For one month of accutane!! I spoke with my doctor, and she told me about Northwest pharmacy, which is in Canada...I ended up ordering my pills from them for $114/month. Not as great as $12, but a hell of a lot better than $384. I would suggest you look into this option if your insurance won't cover it-- you still need a prescription, but it's a good alternative route. My parents were awesome and covered some of the expense, but it still cost me several hundred dollars to complete my course --- totally worth the money in my opinion.

So, in summary, accutane worked for me. The experience was hard, but worth it in the end. I will update to let you know if I am staying clear, wish me luck smile.png

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