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Day 58, Week 9 New Update Pics



So day 58 is almost over. I got a hormonal break out :( it seemed so so terrible so I took a pic and guess what? It's no where near as bad as what I started with, like, it doesn't even come close on the severity scale! So I thought I'd share. How weird is it that when you start to clear, then break out, it seems like the end of the world? Has this happened to anyone else?

I've put the pics up against my photos from day 7 for you to compare.

Also I was semi worried about my hair and its growth whilst on accutane (I thought my hair might grow slower or something) but after 2 months I can definitely say that my hair is growing at the same rate if not faster :) yay

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Wow! Your skin is looking gorgeous... I can see you didn't scar from having acne. I have A TON of scarring and I never once picked at my pimples. I suppose that's just how bad I had it? Idk.

anywho, you look amazing:)

I know the feeling, im nowhere near as bad as i was starting off but i hate when i see another breakout sesh on my face!

Its funny, cause we're sorta like on the same treatment type/plan. We're close in days and take the same MG.

I'm glad, friends yayyy. lol

keep on going and goodluck!

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Aw thanks. I don't feel like my face looks gorgeous quite yet but it's on it's way! Yay on the same program, it's nice that someone else is experiencing it with me. I really feel like no one really understands what it's like until they're in the same boat, so this could be really awesome :) hope you have a good day! You'll have to post some progress pics when you're ready, I can't wait to see!

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